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Parent Resources

Pacoima Middle School always welcomes parents. Please be sure that you sign in at the front gate or in the Main Office before you go to your child’s class. All visitors on any LAUSD campus must have visible identification. Teachers and other school staff members have been asked to send to the main office anyone entering a classroom or office without a visitor’s badge. Please help us keep Pacoima safe.

Please help us keep parent contact information current.  If you have moved or changed your phone number, call the Attendance Office with your new contact information.


All schools in the State of California are mandated to enforce Compulsory Education Laws which require all students between the ages of  6 and 18 to attend school. California law allows schools to excuse student absences for only a few reasons – illness, doctor appointments and family funerals. Allowing your child to stay at home for other reasons will not be excused and may lead to your child being a truant. Every day your child is absent, he/she is losing valuable instructional time. Please contact our Attendance Counselor, Sally Kalaghan, about attendance regulations or if your child has an attendance problem.