Welcome Message

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The SBAC assessments for English and Mathematics will be administered from April 24, 2017 through May 19, 2017. All assessments are taken on computers and are designed to measure critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It is extremely important that students do not miss school during this time and are in their classes on time.
You may help your child become familiar with this test by taking practice test at http://www.caaspp.org/practice-and-training/. For informative guides, descriptions of claims, as well as sample test items, please visit: http://www.smarterbalanced.org/assessments/sample-questions/. Please make sure your child is well rested and eats a healthy breakfast at home or at school so that he/she can perform his/her best during testing weeks.

Thank you,

Simer Garcha