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Film/Media and Performing Arts Magnet

Pacoima Middle School Film/Media Performing Arts Magnet started in 1979 and serves 266 students from grades six through eight. We serve a wide range of student academic abilities, ranging from the gifted to those in need of special services. Pacoima Middle School offers a rigorous standards-based program with an emphasis on the arts. Our program is designed to provide enrichment in the area of performing arts while still maintaining the highest level of achievement in the core academic areas. The four main areas of focus are Dance, Musical Theatre, Stagecraft/Sound/Lighting, and Film/Media.


Our production teachers work collaboratively with each other in an attempt to demonstrate to our students how the many aspects of professional performing arts are integrated. Our performances are 100% student run under the guidance and tutelage of the production teacher.


What makes our magnet unique is the focus on performing arts beginning in the sixth grade. As sixth graders, our students receive an intensive ten week introductory class in Stagecraft, Musical Theater, Computer Skills, and Film. In addition, all students take Dance in lieu of physical education.


During the last two weeks of sixth grade, our students have the opportunity to audition for a Production Class that will become their focus for their seventh and eighth grade years. If students are not yet ready for an intensive Production Class, they will take choir, or a ten-week stagecraft, film, musical theatre, computer wheel as an elective.

For school tours or more information, please contact Ms. Greene, Magnet Coordinator at 818-686-4201