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Abigail Abbott-Perez Gate/SAS, Restorative Justice Coach





Abigail Abbott-Perez

Gate/SAS, Restorative Justice Coach



Pacoima Middle School is one of District's School for Advanced Studies Demonstration Site. We offer gifted students an opportunity to enroll in the School of Advanced Studies. SAS is the GATE instructional program for resident students. 


The selection of a school as a Schools for Advanced Studies site is based on proven commitment and ability to offer a sustained, highly effective, exemplary gifted and talented education (GATE) program that includes essential GATE/SAS program components such as, identification of gifted students, knowledgeable staff, parent engagement, etc.



Transportation services are not provided for SAS program.

Parents are expected to provide transportation.

Please contact our GATE Coordinators Mr. Elias or Ms. Abbott-Perez at 818-686-4200 to inquire about the services offered at Pacoima Middle School.


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