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Computer Science/Math Magnet

Students at Pacoima Middle School Computer Science/Math Magnet receive a rigorous standards-based program in the four content areas: Math, Science, English Language Arts and Social Studies with an emphasis on integrating technology.  Our magnet utilizes the most current technology to present ideas and information. Every one of our classrooms have computers, internet connected Smart Boards, access to a mobile pod of computers for student use, access to the Internet, and may visit our computer labs. Our core teachers use computer based programs to enrich their teaching.

We offer an accelerated, varied and enriched mathematics and computer science curriculum with a strong thematic approach, primarily focusing on realistic applications, problem solving situations and career awareness.

The sixth graders receive introductory and preparatory classes in Coding, EV3 Robotics and Marine Science designed to develop skills needed to insure success in specialized areas of mathematics, engineering, and computers.
As seventh graders, students continue to develop their studies in the Computer Lab, learning more complex commands, coding, Adobe Photoshop, and developing more complicated programs.
Eighth grade students learn CAD drafting skills, engineering, flight simulation, electrical circuitry, and acquire problem-solving techniques based on scientific investigations. Also, in their third year of computers, students are introduced to different types of terminals and advanced problems.
For school tours or more information, please contact Ms. Greene, Magnet Coordinator at 818-686-4201