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Mr Koski --- Math 7 & Math 8

If you were receiving a Fail in Math for the fall semester, It has been converted to an incomplete. In order to remove the incomplete you must finish a credit recovery assignment for your grade in DeltaMath. This needs to be completed by January 29, 2021 otherwise your grade will change back to the Fail.  You should have your DeltaMath Account setup from the fall semester. If you do not have it set or forgot your password, the following links can help you. My code for DeltaMath is 359086.
Setting up your DeltaMath Account:
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I am Mr. Koski. I will teaching one period of 7th grade math and 5 periods of 8th grade math.I also help run the Student Run LA (SRLA) team at Pacoima.  SRLA trains students to complete races of different lengths ending with the LA Marathon in I am looking forward to the new school year, and hopefully someday a return to campus.