Spotlight Message

Dear Pacoima Families,
Welcome to Pacoima Middle School where our mascot is the Panther and our theme is PRIDE. I am proud of all the teachers, parents, and students who have come together to make 2024-25 a great year. Superintendent Carvalho’s Strategic Plan is a roadmap for success. He charged us with ensuring that “ALL our students graduate READY FOR THE WORLD – to thrive in college, career, and life.  Being ready for the world means our students will serve as the next generation of changemakers and problem solvers: artists, pioneers, scientists, surgeons, activists, and politicians.”  The superintendent further said,  “We believe we must unapologetically call out and close the persistent opportunity gaps that disproportionately impact Black, Latinx, foster, unhoused, LGBTQIA+, immigrant, and other historically underserved communities. We must disrupt the generational, systemic manifestations of discrimination, racism, and bigotry affecting our schools.”  The Pacoima Panthers are responding to that call. Your child will have a rigorous education where they will learn about many kinds of people, challenge assumptions, expand their dreams, so they will thrive in a world they can only now imagine. We honor the diverse families who make up our Pacoima community.  We’re rolling up our sleeves and making pride happen.
Thank you,
Simer Garcha, Principal