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Student Dress Code



In a continuing effort to create an appropriate educational environment, a collaboratively developed Pacoima Middle School Dress Code has been established.  The following is the list of dress code requirements:


·       Pants, skirts dresses and shorts must be solid black (no stripes.)  Pant legs cannot be oversized,  extra wide or split on the sides.  Clothes must be hemmed, not frayed, ripped nor drag on the ground. Hems should not be stapled, pinned or tacked to the heel of the shoe.  All pants must fit at the waist and be not more than one inch larger than the student’s waist.  Shorts or skirts cannot be more than 3 inches above the knee (mid-thigh).


·        Boys and girls shirts must be solid white, red or black, have a collar and sleeves.  Shirts, blouses  and tops must cover the top of pants, skirts or shorts. 


·         All sweaters, vests and sweatshirts (zippered or pullover) must be black, white or red.


·        Any garment worn under a shirt or blouse, as part of the “layered look” must be solid black, white  or red.


·         All leggings and tights must be solid black – no fishnet-like stockings should be worn.


Prohibited Dress Items


·     No article of clothing or jewelry, which displays weapons, drugs, spray cans, markers or depicts  violence, should be worn.


·    No articles of clothing, including backpacks, notebooks or folders, which display profanity, gang affiliation, racism, contain sexual or lewd messages and /or advertises any controlled substances including, but not limited to alcoholic beverages, tobacco and drugs, should be worn or brought to school.


·        No long shorts with calf-length socks.


·        No P.E. shirts or P.E. shorts except during P.E. Class.


·        No extra long belts or belt buckles with initials or inappropriate symbols. 


·        No oversized jackets, trench coats or Pendleton’s.


·        No open toed, soft soled shoes or slippers or shoes with heels higher than 2 inches.


·        No long key or wallet chains or team lanyards.


·   No caps, hats (except the approved style and color hat sold in the student store), bandanas hairnets,headband or beanies.


·    No clothing which over exposes the body.  This includes crop tops, low cut, off the shoulder, backless, sleeve-less, see through, spaghetti-strap blouses, tank tops, lace tops, tube tops and nylon mesh jerseys. No pajamas.


·        No stripes, slits, designs, pictures or large writing on pants or shirts.


·        No cut-offs or skirts with slits above the knee.


·        No hoods or gloves except in cold or rainy weather.


·        No hooded sweatshirts that cover the face when zipped.


·        No pants that cannot stay up without a belt.


·        No team jerseys or jackets.


·        No t-shirts, other than school sponsored clubs or class shirts.


Pacoima Middle School reserves the right to make changes as the need occurs.